What are the Guarantees of an Online Casino

Since the first days, casino playing has been a breathtaking pastime enabling to experience excitement and thrill; it is a wonderful means of stress release. Besides, a casino gives an opportunity to earn some money or even to hit the jackpot. However, all these refer only to betting in a licensed casino.

In other words, licensing means that the activity of an online casino is under control, its software and resource functions have undergone tests. On the opposite, an unlicensed gambling website uses cheap fake games and change the operation of the random number generator.

Thus, the first step is to check if an online casino is licensed. However, it will be necessary to check the license itself. As the frauds may publish a “license” with a random number. So it is better to go to the website of the regulator indicated at the gambling resource and to check the license number and the name of the company which has issued this license.

When the license is confirmed, it means that resource has passed a multi-stage check.

Here is a checklist for licensing:

  • Business plan;
  • Financial and marketing plan;
  • Certificates on all the games;
  • Technical documentation;
  • Security protocols;
  • Data storage system.

So, it means that a licensed online casino is a reliable gambling resource. However, if there are still doubts, it is also possible to check if a casino applies a cryptographic algorithm or not. Hence, it ensures gamblers that there are no violations in the results of games.

What is a Cryptographic Algorithm?

The random number generator creates a sequence of game results for a slot machine, roulette, blackjack or whatever the customer chooses. All this information is recorded in a storage file. It is sent to the mailbox of the customer. However, the password to unpack it is unknown to the client. As the all the games’ results have been previously generated, in the process of the game they are just appearing in that sequence in which they have been created.

When the game is over, the client receives the password for the storage file. Comparing the data in the file together with the game results, it is easy to ensure that the game was honest. In such a way, the possibility to be deceived is reduced to zero. Some of the high-level casinos offer to their clients the possibility to influence the game progress: to whack the pack, choose cards, i.e. to make the actions which are unpredictable. In such a way, the client is involved in the game process.

If you enjoy gambling, there is no need to refuse from online casinos. The only necessary precaution is to check the validity of a license and the availability of a secure algorithm.

An Additional Tip

If an online casino offers a very high bonus for starting the game, think twice before making a deposit. Good luck!

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